Keynsham and District Talking Newspaper

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We welcome new listeners from Keynsham, Bristol, Bath and anywhere in the country. Our longest-standing listener has been listening for 30 years. The service is free to people who are partially sighted or unable to read newsprint and is sent out in the post on a memory stick each week.

So if you or someone you know is unable to read newsprint, we would be delighted to supply them with the KTN service. If they do not have the means to play memory sticks, we can supply an easy-to-use box to play them on.

Enjoy our local news section with items from local papers as well as our magazine section with a wide choice of topics from historic places, local personalities, to recipes and information on changes in National Benefits and entitlements.

For more information Contact: 0117 299 3021


Listeners at churchListeners at church

Listeners and volunteers attended the Christmas recording of the KTN at St Dunstan's Church in Keynsham.

Pictured front row middle of left is Jean Crowther, who was for many years KTN's patron.

Comittee celebrating 1500th audio issueSome of the comittee celebrating 1500th audio issue

Left to right:

Mike Corrigan - Chief Technician

Tricia Scammell - Committee Member

Mary Burnard - Founder/listener Liaison

Alan Hale - Former Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset